The Kleenex® difference

A lot's happened in the 150 years we’ve been in the skincare biz. We’ve been there to blot your lipstick before a date, to soothe your sniffles, and even to wipe away your tears. So what makes us, well, us? The Kleenex® difference—uniquely formulated fabrics expertly designed to make you glow.

The new face of skincare that's been here all along.

Liquid cleansers leave dirt (and a huge mess) behind. Harsh scrubs irritate. Makeup removers smear and sting. You and your skin deserve better than that.

Enter Kleenex® Facial Cleansing products. Our fabric-based wipes and pads make raccoon eyes, dried-out skin, and the soapy puddles all over your vanity a thing of the past.

Tough on dirt, oil, and makeup. Gentle on your skin.

Redefine radiance—use fabrics. With just a single wipe, you’ll achieve glowing skin that's fresh and clean.

Textured, multi-layered fabric

gentle cleansers

infused with a pro-vitamin complex

Healthy, glowing skin starts here.

Your skin is as unique as you are. So we made it easy to fit any and all of our products into your daily routine. Check out our full line of cleansing fabrics and feel the refreshing difference they make. 

See our full line of cleansing fabrics.

  • Facial Cleansing Wipes Facial Cleansing Wipes

    Facial Cleansing Wipes

    Refresh your daily routine—and your skin.

  • Eye Makeup Removers Eye Makeup Removers

    Eye Makeup Removers

    Easy on the eyes. Tough on makeup.

  • Exfoliating Cushions Exfoliating Cushions

    Exfoliating Cushions

    Instant, radiant skin has never been easier.