Eye Makeup Removers

Eye Makeup Removers

Easy on the eyes. Tough on makeup.

The way you take off your makeup is just as important as how you put it on. That’s why we made our Eye Makeup Removers. Our moisture-infused, micro-fine fabric gently lifts every trace of makeup in the blink of an eye. Even your toughest, long-lasting eye makeup will glide right off. This unique fabric is designed to easily get every crease and corner, without any greasy residue or leftover smudging. No more pushing on eyelids or pulling at those delicate lashes. These makeup remover wipes will leave your skin so clean and refreshed, you won’t believe your eyes.

  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested, for all skin types
  • Contains 60 removers in a refillable dispenser.
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We've got makeup removal down to a science Here's what makes our fabric work harder and gentler than the rest. KEY INGREDIENTS

Micro-fine textureGently lifts away makeup without excessive pressure or irritation

Oil-free solutionAllows instant and mess-free reapplication of makeup

Intuitive designShaped for contouring around your eye to provide precise control

How to use

Leftover smudges and raccoon eyes are a thing of the past. Simply wipe our pre-moistened eye makeup remover over your closed eyelids and eyelashes and feel how easily it all comes off. Rotate after each swipe for the freshest surface.

Peep these tips:

Always remove your eye makeup before washing your face to avoid smearing remnants around.

Need a quick touch-up or redo? No problem. Our wipes are oil-free so you can instantly reapply and perfect your makeup

I can always use more makeup remover and these oil-free pads are the perfect size! I don't wear a lot of heavy makeup on my eyes, but these pads help take off any tricky mascara.

Little Black Blog
The test is true, I woke up the next morning with NO raccoon eyes.

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