Eye Makeup Remover Refill

Eye Makeup Remover Refill

Keep your eyes on the prize.

Don't miss a single day to refresh those beautiful eyes. Our handy refills drop right into your dispenser where they'll stay fresh and moist down to the last one.

  • Dermatologist- and ophthalmologist-tested, for all skin types.
  • Contains 60 removers in a refill cartridge.
  • Use only with refillable dispenser.
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We've got makeup removal down to a science Here's what makes our fabric work harder and gentler than the rest. KEY INGREDIENTS

Micro-fine textureGently lifts away makeup without excessive pressure or irritation

Oil-free solutionAllows instant and mess-free reapplication of makeup

Intuitive designShaped for contouring around your eye to provide precise control

How to use

Leftover smudges and raccoon eyes are a thing of the past. Simply wipe our pre-moistened eye makeup remover over your closed eyelids and eyelashes and feel how easily it all comes off. Rotate after each swipe for the freshest surface.

Peep these tips:

Always remove your eye makeup before washing your face to avoid smearing remnants around.

Need a quick touch-up or redo? No problem. Our wipes are oil-free so you can instantly reapply and perfect your makeup

I can always use more makeup remover and these oil-free pads are the perfect size! I don't wear a lot of heavy makeup on my eyes, but these pads help take off any tricky mascara.

Little Black Blog
The test is true, I woke up the next morning with NO raccoon eyes.

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