Wash with fabric. Feel the difference.

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Meet Makeup

They have fun and look good doing it. But, these long-lasting party animals tend to overstay their welcome.

Meet Oil

In small doses they moisturize and protect, but get too many friends together, and things get slippery.

Meet Dirt

Once they wander in and find a cozy spot, it’s tough to make them leave.

Facial Cleansing Wipes Exfoliating Cushions Eye Makeup Removers Cotton Soft Pads

A lot happens on your face.
Clean it with fabric.

Nevermind the messy bathroom counter and soap suds in your hairline, using your hands to wash your face just rubs impurities around the surface of your skin—and rinsing with water doesn’t do the trick. Our multi-layered textured fabric removes at least 3x more dirt, oil, and makeup than the leading liquid cleanser alone.*

Our daily Facial Cleansing Wipes are a one-step solution for clean, healthy skin. No rinse. No residue. Nothing but radiance.

  • Gentle water-based, alcohol-free cleanser
  • For all skin types
  • Pro-vitamin complex

Stubborn skin squatters?
Deep clean the fabric way.

Expensive brushes and harsh scrubs may be less effective than you think, sometimes doing more damage than good. Our double-sided cushion delivers the perfect balance of cleansing and exfoliation. The blue textured side removes impurities and dead skin, while the white side smooths and instantly polishes.

Deep clean has never been so simple. Our Exfoliating Cushions deliver noticeably smoother skin in just one use.

  • Water-activated cleanser
  • Pro-vitamin complex
  • Customizable design - the harder you press, the more intense the exfoliation

Tough on makeup.
Easy on the eyes.

Leftover smudges and raccoon eyes are a thing of the past. No more pushing on eyelids or pulling at delicate lashes. Our moisture-infused, micro-fine fabric gently lifts away every trace of makeup. This unique fabric is designed to easily get every crease and corner, without leaving behind icky residue.

Our Eye Makeup Remover wipes leave your skin so clean and refreshed, you won’t believe your eyes.

  • Oil-free solution leaves skin clean and residue free
  • Gentle ophthalmologist-tested cleanser
  • Removes long-lasting eye makeup

One fabric tool.
Endless possibilities.

Buh-bye, basic cotton balls. Wash your face, remove makeup and nail polish, apply toners, and so much more with these versatile pads. Our textured microfiber fabric is ridiculously soft and durable, allowing you to use wet or dry, and their unique composition creates less lint, so you’ll never be stuck pulling at stray cotton clumps again.

Our Cotton Soft Pads are the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.

  • Soft, durable, and absorbent
  • 5-in-1 beauty tool
  • Large design for more surface area and versatility

Soft, strong, multi-layered fabric

Thin and thick fibers to lift and trap impurities

Deep scrubbing texture that eliminates scratching or over-damaging

Buffering fabric to cleanse, smooth, and polish

Micro-fine texture gently lifts away makeup without excessive pressure or irritation

Shaped for precise contouring around your eyes

Multi-layered fabric with thin and thick fibers

Minimal lint construction for less cotton snags

Why Kleenex® Facial Cleansing Fabrics?

Makeup, oil, and dirt are no match for our advanced fabric design. We don’t settle for less than healthy, radiant results. You shouldn’t either.

Innovative Textures

Forget washcloths and brushes, our multi-layered fabrics trap, lift, and remove 3-4x more impurities.

Gentle, Yet Effective

From daily scrubbing to deep exfoliation, our unique products remove what liquid cleansers may leave behind.

Fabric For Life

We’re infusing a lifetime of fabric technology into your skincare routine for a difference you can feel.

Meet Your Skin

We started this fabric cleansing journey with one goal in mind: deliver products that clean your skin better than what’s out there today. Easier than what you’ve been told. We rolled up our sleeves, and put our brightest engineers to the test. Sure, we have a knack for fabric, but the fiber innovation we’re bringing to the skincare category is a difference you’ll need to feel to believe. Or maybe not.

What if we took you to the surface of your skin and got up close? Really close. What if we reacquainted you with your favorite products and showed you what’s really happening during your daily routine? We’d like you to meet your skin, challenge the very definition of facial cleansing, and in the end, dare you to wash your face with anything but fabric.

Feel the difference our fabrics can make, but first Meet Your Skin.