Removes shine. Not makeup.


Shine Away Sheets

Introducing unique, super-absorbent sheets that deliver a beautiful difference you can see.
50 Sheets
50 Sheets


  • Gets rid of the shine, not the makeup
  • No oily grossness gets on your fingers
  • Discreet. Very discreet.

34 Reviews

  • Shirley, 9/2/2015


    I will not pay for a product I have not had the opportunity to try.

  • CHAMP, 8/31/2015

    So discreet!!

    I love these shine aways! I love the fact that it has a patterned side that doesn't show the oil that is pulled away. I used to be so embarrassed using clean and clear products because there was NO hiding what was being wiped away. Now with these I can discreetly freshen up! THANK YOU!

  • Lana, 5/23/2015

    Oil gone!

    Works nicely to absorb oil w/ a nice compact size and container/pouch.

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