Deep Clean Fanatic Kit

Deep Clean Fanatic Kit

So fresh and so clean.

Taking care of your skin is super important, but it shouldn't be complicated. All you need is an easy-to-use exfoliator and a daily nourishing cleanser to get that picture-perfect complexion.

This Kit Includes

  • Facial Cleansing Wipes + Refill Kit
  • Exfoliating Cushions + Refill Kit
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Facial Cleansing Wipes + Refill Kit

The only thing better than getting super-clean skin? Getting it in one easy step. No more rinsing off and soapy messes. These wipes lift 3-4x more impurities than liquid cleansers, leaving nothing behind but fresh, moisturized skin.

Exfoliating Cushions + Refill Kit

Get that deep, deep clean without any of the hard work or harsh scrubbing. These cushions were designed with a soft fabric to gently exfoliate dead skin, unclog your pores, and reveal soft, glowing skin.

"These might be my favorite! These are wipes moistened with a gentle cleanser perfect for packing in to your gym back or purse to freshen up when you don't feel like carrying around your regular facewash and towel."

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Effective cleaning for radiant skin.
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